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Nov 8, 2023

In today's episode, I read Jerome K. Jerome's hilarious collection of ghost stories called "Told After Supper". Find out what happens when the narrator and his family and friends stay up late on Christmas Eve enjoying the "spirits" of the holiday... 

00:00 Introduction to the Story

04:00 Told After Supper

04:01 Introductory

15:26 How The Stories Came To Be Told

23:56 Teddy Biffle’s Story - Johnson & Emily, or, The Faithful Ghost

30:59 Interlude - The Doctor’s Story

32:12 Mr. Coombe’s Story - The Haunted Mill, or, The Ruined Home

39:07 Interlude

41:42 My Uncles Story - The Ghost of the Blue Chamber 

47:26 A Personal Explanation

51:03 My Own Story 


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