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Dec 4, 2020

I have more fun than is allowed interviewing playwright Sina Skates and Director Alex Ungerman of The Birmingham Children's Theatre. This year they are not letting COVID stop them from entertaining children and have put together an interactive play called ELVES: The Experience that will be hosted over Zoom. Grace and I will give a review of the play in an upcoming episode, but for now, enjoy this energetic discussion of their play, the theatre, and, of course, Christmas!

Be sure to check out the show notes too as I have a lot of links mentioned in the episode:

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ELVES Playbill

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I think this is the play that Alex mentioned - there's an online version! Christmas at Pemberley: 

This is the film ballet version of A Christmas Carol I was trying to remember. It looks like it is coming out only in movie theaters and I'm not sure where or how to watch it, but the featurette looks amazing! 

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