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Jun 21, 2021

There's a little something for everyone in this Cozy Christmas cornucopia of Christmas cheer! I talk a bit about the antique festival in our town, share some happy news from a listener, talk about Christmas in Iran, and I have a special guest read today's story! Martin Achatz from the Lit for Christmas podcast stops by to read his essay, Gloop Christmas. Also I announce a new Christmas in July Contest that begins today!

0:00 Introduction

2:18 Walnut’s Antique Weekend

4:00 Happy Father’s Day - Listener Memory

5:28 Listener Memory - Christmas in Iran

12:25 Cozy Christmas in July Contest!

16:28 Lit for Christmas Promo

18:35 Gloop Christmas by Martin Achatz

32:07 Another Christmas Story by Anthony Caruso Recommendation and Concluding thoughts