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Jul 20, 2022

Happy Christmas in July! Buckle up, because this episode has a little bit of everything in it -

I finally catch up with Gracie and she talks about her role in our community theater's production of The Sound of Music. We then talk about our trip to Bronner's Christmas Store, and of course had to taste test some cookies I picked up from there. After that we get very silly and attempt to talk in British accents (with horrible results) and I do my worst impression of Kermit the Frog - (with apologies to Tim Babb and the Can't Wait for Christmas Podcast - you can keep your Imaginary Listener Who Kind of Sounds Like Kermit the Frog!) 

After that author Nat Bickel stops by to read her new Christmas short story "The Adventures of Phoebe's Christmas Dwarf" which is going to be published this fall in a new collection of heartwarming Christmas stories.

Remember to honor Christmas in your heart, and try to keep it all the year... this episode will surely help you do that!

Find Nat online:


00:00 Introduction

04:39 Conversation with Gracie

28:52 Story Introduction

30:50 The Adventures of Phoebe's Christmas Dwarf

01:03:54 Final Thoughts and Wrap Up!

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