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Dec 20, 2022

Today, we're celebrating the 100th episode of A Cozy Christmas podcast. I have a Q&A section where I answer questions and share Christmas memories from the audience. Then singer/songwriter Rehya Stevens and I sit down and catch up on life, and we talk about our favorite Christmas albums and the memories we have of them. Rehya then gives us some great tips on how to show kindness towards others during this time of year. (some of the organizations she mentioned are posted below if you're interested.) I've been really excited to get this episode out, and I can't wait to see what the next 100 episodes will bring.

And Christmas is just 5 days away!

Rehya Stevens website:

Which do you like better?

Gender Switched "Baby It's Cold Outside" - Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordan-Levitt:

Dave Barnes: Christmas Tonight:

Some of the Songs and Albums Mentioned:

A Very Kacey Christmas:

Guitar Winterlude:

Noel by Doug Hammer:


Toys for Tots:

Compassion International:

Time Stamps

00:00 Introduction

01:45 Listener Q&A and memories

29:08 A Special Thank You

30:30 Conversation with Rehya Stevens

01:16:00 Final Thoughts and what's coming in 2023


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