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May 23, 2023

In today's episode, I read chapter 3 of The Chimes! 

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May 4, 2023

In today's episode, Christmas is going to the dogs... and a few cats! 

My guest is cozy mystery author and professional cat rescuer M. R. Dimond. She writes the Black Orchids Enterprises mystery series, and the first two books take place at Christmas time. We chat about her writing process, her time as a cat rescuer,...

Apr 6, 2023

Hello everyone, in today's episode we take a break from The Chimes, and I invited Scott Leopold from the Holly Jolly X'masu podcast to help me talk about one of the greatest adaptations of A Christmas Carol - the 1951 version starring Alastair Sim! 

Find out about our favorite characters, quotes, and the...

Mar 23, 2023

In today's episode I share just a little bit of book club news, then we get into chapter 2 of The Chimes by Charles Dickens. 

Things get a little spooky in this chapter, as Trotty helps a stranger and his young neice. Then while reading the news one evening he comes across a tragic story... and begins to hear...

Feb 21, 2023

Hello! Today's episode is pretty straightforward - we finally have the Cozy Christmas Book Club up and running, so I share all the book club news. If you're interested in joining please head over the Cozy Christmas Book Club Page on facebook!

Then I finish reading chapter 1 of the Christmas novella The Chimes by Charles...