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Oct 20, 2022

In this episode, I hope to help you get in the Halloween mood, as I have a delightful Christmas story for you today... one that is perfect for Halloween!

Today I read for you The Signal Man by Charles Dickens. It was a story published in the collection called "Mugby Junction" that was published for Christmas 1866. Charles Dickens edited the collection and added a couple of other stories by other authors all centered around the rail line.

The Signal Man tells the story of a railway signal man who thinks he's seen a ghost that may or may not be giving him a message from beyond the grave. The first two times he saw it, a disaster followed soon after. What could this third time mean? Find out in today's story! I'll also share some of the background & history of the story, and what likely inspired Dickens to write it - an event that almost killed him.

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