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Nov 16, 2022

Hello everyone - today we are talking poetry. I have the amazing North Pole Poet Laureate with me today, Amy Marschak. She was named by Santa himself to spread Christmas cheer throughout the world by her improv poetry. That's right - improv! So in today's episode I talk to her about life as Santa's poet, and then she kindly demonstrates her talent and comes up with several poems for me with just a few prompts. You will be captivated by her Christmas cheer! There is a video version of this interview on my youtube channel if you'd like to see the interview.

Gracie and I then get together and see if we can't do some improv poetry too... it turns out it was a bit harder than we thought, but we had a lot of fun!

Amy Marschak's website:


00:55 Interview with Amy Marschak

39:32 Gracie and I, poets extraordinaire!

51:54 Concluding Thoughts


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