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Nov 15, 2021

Hello everyone! In today's episode I share a listener memory that's an emotional one. Fan of the show Katie shares her memory of spending Christmas 2010 with her niece who had leukemia.

After I share that, I give a few tips on how to celebrate the holidays after a loved one has passed away. This can be a difficult conversation, but it's something that many of us have experienced.

Then, author Ed Daly stops by to talk about his new work, The Christmas Book: The Ultimate Guide to Your Favorite Holiday. We talk his book, the origin and development of Christmas traditions, and of course our favorite Christmas books and stories. Check out the Cozy Christmas YouTube channel to see the November video in my Cozy Christmas Book Corner series to get my review of his book and a couple of others that I read last month.

For more tips on how to create new holiday traditions after the death of a loved one, check out this article:

The Christmas Book: (Amazon) (Bookshop)

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00:00 Intro discussion

03:35 Listener Memory and tips for dealing with grief

14:15 What's New

16:05 Interview with Ed Daly

56:43 Wrap Up

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