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Dec 10, 2020

It's Christmas time everyone! And Grace and I get the opportunity to interview singer Johanna Jones about her new album "It's Christmastime"... the album is out already, (which I completely flubbed on, blame it on the COVID brain I had at the time lol!) and it's available everywhere. (See link below!)

Then Grace and I discuss our thoughts about the new interactive Zoom play put on by the Birmingham Children's Theater. And finally I read a couple of selections from Nancy Carey Johnson's book A Vermont Homesteader's Christmas Memories.

Christmastime is here, whether you are ready or not!

It's Christmastime Album

Birmingham Children's Theater:

The Vermont Homesteader's Christmas Memories book

I don't talk about it in the show, but Christmas Time in the City podcast is awesome. Check it out!

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Episode Outline:

01:00 Johanna Jones Interview

33:12 Christmas in the City Promo

34:00 ELVES: The Experience

47:00 Story Time from Vermont Homesteader's Select Readings

53:10 Brilliant Closing Remarks