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Dec 20, 2020

We have a tale of two musicians today in this 2nd part from yesterday's Cozy Christmas Music episode.

First up is singer/songwriter Lucas Morgan. He is 17yo high school student who has just made his first album, called "Get Your Christmas On". It was so fun talking to a young man who knows what he wants to do and is going after it with passion. We chat about his album, his favorite music, and Christmas! Keep an eye on this kid - I think he's going to do great things!

You can find his album on amazon or sample it on youtube.

Here is his website:

His Spotify link:
Grab your Christmas bratwursts everyone, because next I talk to Jake from the Chardon Polka Band. Like Lucas, he began to get interested in music while in school. Now he is a full time musician and brings the joy of polka music where he goes. Their new album, A Very Polka Christmas, brings some much needed fun to 2020.
Hit the links below for more info and music! It's polka-liscious.