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Dec 21, 2021

It's Christmas week, and I have several episodes planned for the week. Today's episode begins with a listener's memory - Mika Jeane wrote a beautiful new Christmas song and I loved it so much I wanted to play it on the podcast for all of you. Thank you Mika for letting me share this with my other listeners! The song is called Light Up, and you can also hear it on Mika's youtube channel

Then guest and new friend of the show Sarah Joy Kane stops by to have a fun Christmas chat with me. She's a singer and stage actor from NYC who's husband has recently joined the military.

We talk about their transition from performing on stage to military life, we talk about our faith and how creativity connects us to God. After that the fun really kicks in, and we play a spirited game of "Would You Rather - Christmas Edition" and then finish up talking about more of our favorite Christmas things, including Christmas Eve family traditions. Linked below are Sarah's social media accounts and you will definitely want to follow her there. She spreads kindness and good cheer 365 days a year!

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