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Oct 20, 2020

Halloween and Christmas meet together in space!

Today's episode is an interview with author and classic science fiction/fantasy author Ray Bradbury's official biographer, Sam Weller. He has just published a new collection of gothic short stories called Dark Black. It's a book that will get you into the Halloween mood! There's also a new audio drama podcast called The Way We Haunt Now.

In the episode we talk about these two short stories - if you'd like to read them you can find them online. They are pretty short and won't take long to read.

The Gift (the picture that Weller talks about in the interview is also on that page.)

The Star

The Way We Haunt  Now

Dark Black

Artist Dan Grzeca:

A Lot Like Christmas:

Contest Winner! Congratulations to Rachel Rogers, she has won the Scrooge Ornament!