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Jan 3, 2022

Welcome to the season finale of A Cozy Christmas Podcast! Today, we're going to consider Charles Dickens' Christmas Tree, as well as a special announcement for a reading challenge.

In 1850 Dickens published a reflection piece for Christmas entitled "A Christmas Tree". And in typical Dickens fashion, he has a lot of words to say about his tree and the memories from his past that it conjures up. Though at times the story is a bit strange, who hasn't occasionally gotten lost in nostalgia while enjoying the lights of their Christmas tree?

I also am announcing a group reading challenge for us this year! As you know, I love to read, so I created 12 reading challenges based on Christmas movies. Check out my social medias for the check list or go to and you can download the check list there. Every Wednesday I'll be posting about what books I'm reading for the challenge and I'd love to hear from you as well. Take a listen and find out what prompt we're doing first for January!

See you all on the socials every Wednesday - let me know if you'll be reading the prompts and which books you pick.

Season 3 begins January 24th! See you then...

Keep an eye out for a bonus midseason story on or about January 14th...


00:00 Introduction

04:03 Suggest an Episode Topic

06:11 A Cozy Christmas Reading Challenge

14:11 Story: A Christmas Tree, by Charles Dickens

58:15 My thoughts on the story

01:01:48 Concluding Comments


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